Privacy Policy and Legal Terms

We care about providing you with tools and information to manage and protect your online privacy. We have developed this privacy policy to inform you about what information this web site collects, who may receive that information, what we may do with the information, and how long we keep it.  While we have made every attempt to make this policy as clear as possible, if you have any further questions about it, feel free to contact us. By reference to this page at all our websites have the same Privacy Policy and Legal terms, Websites and Legal terms and Content Usage terms as spelled out below.

Your Information:
We will never willfully sell, lease, or rent any of your or your business' or personally identifiable information to any third party.

Collected Information:
Our websites do not use "cookies" knowingly!  Some users inquiring about quotes or purchases are required to give us contact information (e.g., your name and email address) and demographic information (e.g., your zip code). Certain information, such as your email address, is collected in order to verify your identity and for use in our records if you willfully provide us such.  It is likely for you to assume that links to third party websites do use cookies or other methods and will and do collect information when you click on their links and websites.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement or the practices of this web site, please contact us for more details.  You may of course just not visit our websites if you wish.

Websites and Legal Terms

All our websites are available for viewing by the general public as long as you accept out website terms stated herein.  This applies to all our websites by their reference to this page at Our content is for your personal use, information and enjoyment and for viewing and listening by your self or with family and friend's (see next two paragraphs below for exceptions). By your agreement with these terms you are licensed and encouraged to view and listen to our streaming video and radio websites within the above limitations and those stated below.  Note: There are possibly some limitations in a few foreign countries outside the jurisdiction of the United States of America.  All music,  audio tracks, images or videos used on our sites are direct licensed or licensed through the respective (if any applicable) PRO's and DMCA agencies and or are in the public domain.

Content Usage:
All content on our websites are copyrighted and my not be downloaded except for real time viewing and listening. This includes all logos, images, videos, audios, music, and trademarks.  All our live streams may not be rebroadcast by any media platform without express written permission (written contract) from Broadcastmate.

Commercial Usage Cue sheets will be provided to our clients as required and or necessary. Broadcastmate can produce and license to your business a single and or a number of video scenic music channels to you starting June 1st, 2016!

Commercial and Public Usage  Before displaying our websites material where the general public can see, hear or view anything on our websites this includes publically in a business or the playing or viewing our program content or any item on our websites where the public has access (i.e. code, images, videos, audios, text etc.,) you should always check with your attorney and do your own due diligence in this matter.  Broadcastmate LLC does not advise you one way or another on public or commercial usage of content on our websites.

You indemnify Broadcastmate, its owners and employees from any damage, harm (financial or physical) or financial loss that occurs using our websites and or our products.  Your are responsible for observing all local laws and regulations in the territory where and when you are tuned into any of our websites. All content materials are as is and no warranty is implied with their usage.  We cannot guarantee 100% that all products and elements thereof are in some way or in some territories not licensed and or legal for a specific use that is your responsibility. Broadcastmate LLC does its best to use only materials in its content productions that to the best of our ability are licensed for such and that no privacy rights or intelligence rights of any third parties have been violated in our proposed usage on our websites.  There are likely to be certain legal and or governmental restrictions in your geographic location that limit in some manner the usage of content materials on our websites.  Do your own due diligence.

Further you may not sublicense any of our materials programs or otherwise to a third party except as required by by you as a service provider or partner.  Otherwise...You MAY NOT DOWNLOAD any of our programming files for storage. If you are a service provider you must maintain a way to delete and remove any program materials from your storage and or third party storage within a commercially reasonable amount of time should it become necessary for any reason. You may not produce any derivative works of any of our program materials for any purpose.
Suitability for a Particular Purpose:
We do not warranty or guarantee that your use of any of our products is suitable for you particular purpose of goals.  You should make that decision before purchasing or licensing our materials.  Further we are not responsible for your in appropriate use of such.  If you use any of our materials outside our licensing and permitted uses and as described in our "Content Usage" you are responsible for any and all legal actions, legal costs and or fees that may result.  Further in any case you will not hold us liable for more than the original purchase price of materials or licensing costs $25.00 in $USD.

Broadcastmate is not responsible for any of the following:  Your equipment, failure of your equipment even if caused by our program materials, your costs of operation, bandwidth costs, repair costs or damage to your equipment, and any resulting personal mishaps and/or injury while using our product materials whether direct or indirect.  You should use good judgment where you watch and/or or listen to any of Broadcastmate's services.  You therefore indemnify and hold Broadcastmate and its employees harmless for any events arising out of access and use of our broadcast outlets and related services.

Last Updated: June 8th, 2018